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Oliver’s Petting Zoo

  Stop by our petting zoo and meet Oliver’s Friends Cinnamon & Peanut!

cinnamonMeet Cinnamon!

Cinnamon our miniature  horse is a very friendly little girl who loves attention. She loves to be brushed and will let you know if you are not paying enough attention to her by nudging you with her soft little nose. Born in 2010 in Bangall, New York Cinnamon weighs about 175 and is approximately 29″ tall or a little less than 2 and a half feet!

Cinnamon loves to eat hay, apples and carrots and depends on her buddy Peanut to let us know if we are late with their 3pm feeding time.





peanut1Meet Peanut!

Peanut  our miniature donkey is very sweet girl who loves to be pet, brushed and especially have her ears rubbed. She was born in 2012 on a private donkey farm in Lebanon Ct.  Peanut weights about 200 pounds and is approximately 32″ tall or a little over 2 and a half feet!

Peanut’s favorite treats include apples and carrots. If you happen to come visit us around 3pm Peanut gets a special snack- her favorite grain and if we are not there right on time she vocally let’s everyone know it is feeding time!





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